What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Washing?

Learn the Benefits of Fleet Washing Services

If your Michigan company has a large fleet of vehicles, then your organization has probably done pretty well for itself. One of two things is likely going on. You either have a lot of customers to serve in an a densely packed area, or you have expanded your services to cover clientele over a large swath of area. In fact, you might even be doing both at the same time.

Either situation means business is good, and perhaps it is even booming. If you’re lucky, you have both going on at the same time. However, in any case, you need to keep your vehicles looking good. Having access to fleet washing services can help your company do exactly that.

Convenience Of Fleet Washing

The biggest benefit you will ever get from mobile fleet washing services is the sheer convenience and flexibility involved with it. Schedule your mobile fleet cleanings and detailing when it works for you and your fleet. A mobile truck washing service provider can clean your trucks wherever they happen to be at the time. Your drivers don’t have to spend time and fuel going to a workshop for the service.

Better Company Image

Regular washing of your fleet improves your business image. Your vehicles are a part of your brand, and any drivers on the roads with you are going to notice them and their condition. In many cases, these vehicles are your business cards on wheels because they might be the first point of contact your brand ever has with drivers and passengers alike that pass by them.

Driving a clean fleet can even boost your employees morale with having pride in their ride. Employee morale is pretty crucial these days. Nearly everywhere you go, you see help wanted signs up. Labor is short in many industries, and finding drivers for your fleet might be tougher than you want to admit. Some sectors have been hit harder than others, so recruitment and retention can be much higher priorities than you want to deal with right now. Whether it’s running around town for the day or doing overnight trips, your drivers deserve to be riding in and driving immaculate vehicles that help their mood more than hinder it.

Safety Considerations

Trucks that are cleaned regularly are safer to drive and much easier to maintain. In fact, clean vehicles are estimated to consume only 75 percent of the labor and maintenance costs associated with vehicles that rarely get washed. Routine cleaning avoids potential worker’s compensation claims and inspection violations. Your vehicles are also far less likely to get pulled over for DOT inspections.

Boost the Resale Value

Eventually fleet owners may opt to sell or trade in their vehicles. If you plan on selling them off instead of keeping them forever, than regular cleaning is an absolute must. You’ll get a higher resale value for them when their condition has been kept up over the years that you had them. They’ll also look pristine when you offer them up for sale which gives you the chance to ask more.


At first, you might think that outsourcing your mobile fleet cleaning to a third-party vendor would be expensive. However, think about how much overhead you will eliminate in the process. A contract with a fleet washing company means that you are no longer spending your payroll for cleaning, nor are you paying for the water, power, and supplies involved with the process. If you own and operate your own fleet washing equipment, only your fleet uses it. However, a fleet washing service uses their equipment for many clients. They have lower operating expenses based on volume, so their fleet washing services for you might be cheaper than doing it on your own.

Save on Fuel

Grime and dirt will make any truck weigh more and wear and tear on your vehicle. That reduces fuel economy and means you wind up paying more for fuel and repairs. Also, when you have a mobile power washing fleet service that comes out to you, your trucks aren’t wasting fuel to travel or idle while waiting to get washed.

Environmental Responsibility

Washing any vehicle is going to wind up creating wastewater. You might have to put up with municipal regulations regarding wastewater disposal, and that can drive up your operating costs. Mobile fleet washing services utilize efficient practices for waste management. They also clean fleets using eco-friendly materials. They’ll reclaim any water they use in fleet cleaning so there’s no wastewater heading down the drain. You’ll avoid fines, and you can even make your commitment to environmentally-friendly practices a marketing point that many consumers will love you for.

This is one point that simply can’t be emphasized enough. Everyone has a responsibility to do their part to protect the planet’s environment and resources, but the benefits of doing this go far past that for your business. A growing number of consumers only do business with companies that share their personal value, and being eco-conscious is a big one these days. Many members of Generation X and the Baby Boomers care about it, but it’s huge among the Millennials that have most of the spending power these days.

It’s also a value that’s likely to be important to many prospective and current employees, so it can help you keep a good staff together.

Professional Detailing

When you can get your fleet cleaned and detailed inside and out, your vehicles are going to look really good. A thorough detailing will clean your vehicle interior from the dashboard and ceiling to the mirrors and vents. They’ll even take out any mats to wash them outside. Detailing also involves polishing highlights and tail-lights. These are crucial for the safe operation of your fleet and the safety of others on the road with your drivers. Pressure washing cleans up dirt on lights, and the polishing means they can shine brightly when it’s dark outside. A wax coat protects the paint on a vehicle from damage and makes the paint last longer. A sealant application makes the vehicle shine like gloss, and that helps make a positive impression.

Records Are Kept

The larger your fleet, the harder it is to track when vehicles need cleaning. Never wait until they are visibly dirty. Whether you do it based on intervals of time or miles they’ve logged, a mobile cleaning service can maintain a database of all your vehicles at the same time. They’ll know when any van, car, or truck is due up for its next service call.

Choose the Washing You Need

Just because you sign up for a fleet washing service doesn’t mean they’ll go the whole nine yards with every single wash. That’s not say they’ll cut corners. It just means that they’ll do the level of washing that you actually need and ask for.

In many cases, you might have a vehicle that’s pretty clean but just needs a basic rinse. A simple spray-down is a quick, cheap, and easy maintenance rinse to keep things from getting worse.

A maintenance wash is usually a little more involved. The vehicle will get rinsed thoroughly, but there might also be scrubbing using a hand-brush and biodegradable soap. The tires and wheels usually get scrubbed, too. A final rinse removes all of the soap.

The semi-detail wash goes further. It will include everything from the maintenance wash but might also spray frame rails to free them of grease and dirt. Degreasing agents are applied when need be.

A detail wash is the most thorough of all the options. Everything from above is included, but a tire finish is added with hand-drying across the vehicle for spot-free shine. Your vehicles probably won’t need this with every cleaning, but it’s still a good idea to have this one done on occasion.

Every vendor will have their own list of service levels, but you should be able to choose the ones that match your budget and needs.

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