Residential Roof Cleaning – Things Every Homeowner Should Consider

In order to preserve and expand the life of your roofs shingles, routine cleaning is important. Things like Algae, Lichen, Mold, and Moss are very damaging to the integrity of your roof. Roof cleaning is very important for homes in heavily wooded areas, near bodies of water which Michigan has a lot of.

What are 5 things homeowners should consider about residential roof cleaning?

1. Improperly cleaning your roof can cost you thousands in repairs that your insurance wont cover.
2. Roofs can NOT be cleaned with pressure. Pressure washing roofs can be severely damaging.
3. Algae, Lichen and Moss are severely damaging to your roof.
4. Even small amounts that are hard to see from the ground can be damaging.
5. Although roof cleaning can be costly. The repairs, and lack of insurance coverage can cost you even more out of pocket.

To ensure you’re doing everything correctly to protect your home’s appearance and condition be sure to seek several professionals opinions. Michigan Power Washing Pros is more than willing and happy to come out and inspect your roof for free. We will give you an honest opinion. We’ve had some homes where the damage was already there, and the owners were better off with a full on replacement. So it’s better to find out now before its to late.

Roof Cleaning Services Are Best Left To A Professional

Assuming this responsibility of cleaning your roof can leave you exposed to damaging your roof and costing you more. The reason roof cleaning services cost what they do is due to the equipment, knowledge, risk, and the insurance to cover you and your property if something were to go wrong. If you were to damage your own roof, or improperly clean your roof and damage landscaping around your home. Your insurance wont help cover any of it. Leaving you with the out of pocket expenses for repairs.

There’s several reason why to leave it up to a professional. Here’s just a few to consider.

  • Being on a roof can be very dangerous. One fall can change your life and affect you and those around you forever. Trying to manage equipment, hoses and tools can be difficult. Michigan Power Washing Pros has the proper harnesses to prevent any injuries if we were to slip, trip, and or fall.
  • Roof washing takes some skill and expertise to safely and thoroughly clean a roof. You can learn how to clean roofs. But that wont mitigate any of the risks associated with cleaning you’re subjected to. A professional will recognize potential hazards, or how to deal with certain situations due to experience.
  • Pressure washing roofs is not how you clean a roof. It is how you ruin your roof, cause leaks and lose your insurance all in one day. Pressure washing asphalt shingles strips them of their granules, loosens or blows shingles off or for metal roofs damages seals and pushes water into areas where damage will occur.

All Roofs Are Best Cleaned With a Soft Wash System

Soft washing a roof allows strong surfactants and detergents to do all the cleaning and removal of all organic growth. These cleaners will kill them and rid your roof from the growing back quickly. Whereas if you were to pressure wash your roof. They would come back within about a year. This is because you didn’t kill them, you just sprayed them off leaving traces of them remaining. The pressure from a A.R.M.A. Approved soft wash system is just slightly stringer than the force coming out of a garden hose. Low-pressure soft wash systems wont loosen or cause damage to old, brittle asphalt shingles or wash away granules.

Algae, Lichen & Moss Cause Severe Damaging to a Home’s Roof

Each one of these contaminants can cause severe irreversible damage to your homes roof. They hold moisture, which deteriorates shingles causing them to get soft and crumbly, tear which leads to water leaks.

These all work their way under a homes roofing shingles and eventually will dislodge those shingle tiles as they continue to spread and grow. Overlooking this can cause you more heartache than a simple cleaning and or preventative maintenance program.

Don’t Wait Until Algae and Other Debris Are Visible to Schedule Roof Washing

We offer free estimates and demos for a reason. This is so you can simply call us have your roof inspected to see if a roof cleaning is even needed. If its not needed, we certainly aren’t going to clean something if it doesn’t need it. We’d rather make sure your roof is inspected and in good shape. Than for you to worry about paying for an inspection.

You should never wait until you see problems. Once you see problems, that means damage has begun.

How To Hire The Best Professional Roof Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional roof cleaning company shouldn’t be a daunting task. So we’ve made a list of things for you to consider when seeking a professional to hire:

1. Ask about their roof cleaning process. Make sure they aren’t using a pressure washer to remove the contaminants from your roof.
2. Ask to see their insurance. If you’re hiring someone, you want to make sure any issues and or damage that could arise will be taken care of without you having to foot the bill for repairs.
3. Look into reviews, or ask for references. Some may not have them on hand so be patient for references. For ours, we do have references as well as ask all of our clients who are interested in becoming one of our referrals to join our referral program.
4. Don’t always judge a book by its cover. However, use your best judgement. Do they look and act professional. Do they appear to care about their appearances and are they aware of how they present themselves?

Related Questions

Why clean a new roof?

Depending on the age, and location. Some newer roofs may need cleaned. We’ve had some roofs with organic growth repellent properties guaranteed for up to 15 years covered in moss in 6 years. This particular roof was one of them.

Can you pressure wash asphalt or metal roofs?

No, you don’t want to use pressure and here’s why. Using pressure to clean will not only cause damage. It wont effectively kill the organic growth and you will find yourself cleaning it, or damaging it rather in about a year.

Do Roof Cleaners At The Store Work?

YES, and no! Do they work, yes sort of. These cleaners aren’t professional grade strength and cant do the same job as what we have. Although very similar, the strengths are drastically different. Not to mention they don’t come with any guarantees or warranty options like our services do!

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