Vinyl Fence Power Washing

February 13, 2020by Ryan Wakefield0

As you drive around our great state of Michigan you will see many homes with dirty fences. Many think and feel that once these fences, whether wood or vinyl are dirty there’s no turning back. Well, you’re in luck as we can clean them up for you. One of our services we perform for homeowners is power washing fences. As you can see here with this vinyl fence. It went from being covered in filth and Algae to looking new again. Cleaning any fence, especially vinyl fences like this one can be a time consuming daunting task. With our experience and power washing equipment. We can efficiently clean your fence before you even finish that video you and your family sat down to watch.

Is Your Fence Looking Dingy & Dirty?

This fence was like any other we face far to often after years of neglect. Going this long without cleaning Algae off your fence invites it to grow on your homes siding, roofs and concrete. Although this isn’t the worst of it. It then brings a pesky friend. Like that one your inlaw brings to family events that no one wants around and is simply annoying. Except for this friend is has a name, Lichen. Lichen likes to attach itself to wood, roofing shingles and your siding. Once Lichen comes to feed off the Algae, it can then start to root into wooden decks and fences. Even worse, it will start to feed off your homes shingles. Therefore causing premature damage and costly rood repairs. 

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